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DVD Creator For Windows

DVD Creator


Wondershare DVD Creator is a straightforward software  tool which makes the video to DVD burning process a simple one. You can burn DVDs from downloaded or videos or just from images – to build slideshows – as well as a combination of images and videos.

Convert and burn video like AVI, MP4, WMV  to DVD with DVD menu and subtitle.


Burn DVD from your own videos

What's DVD format and how to convert my video format correctly? With this software you don't need to worry something like this. All you need to do is drag and drop your video files to this program and click Burn button. It will do the rest for you.


What's the difference

An important feature about DVD Creator is the number of extremely useful features it offers. There are limited video  to DVD computer software that let you edit the input video file, let alone customize a whole DVD you've made from several videos saved in different file formats. This software  does those two along with many other features necessary for video  to DVD conversion.


Ease Of Use

It is really simple to use; only a few keys to press are enough for any job. Furthermore, the software  is multilingual, a feature that non-english speaking people will understand.


What's New in Version 2.6.5

1. Fix some bugs



Useful info


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User Testimonials

- "I came across your software and found it is very handy to use. So I have decided to share it with my friends immediately. Thanks!"


- "I bought this as it seemed to fit my search for a stable DVD creator. Previously I'd used Nero, Cyberlink PowerDirector and U-Lead. All of those were fine except being cumbersome resource hungry and expensive to upgrade. So I bought Wondershare DVD Creator 4.0 - a $25 investment seemed worth the risk in the absence of many reviews or detail info. It works fine " - from Cnet