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How to remove DRM from Nokia music

Have you purchased a lot of Nokia music from the Nokia store? If you do, maybe you want to play these songs on other devices (except Nokia device) like iPhone? However, the problem is that the Nokia music you cannot play on other devices without conversion. Because the music which you have purchased and download from the Nokia music store are protected by the DRM and you can’t play it freely.


Remove DRM from Nokia Music

This article will help you to remove DRM from Nokia music so that you can enjoy Nokia music on any media player. Before we start the DRM conversion, we should get the professional DRM Removal software.


Here are the detail steps for getting rid of DRM from Nokia music:


DownloadDownload Aimersoft DRM Converter Here and install it on your computer



Step 1: import the Nokia music files

Start the program, click the "Add" button on the software interface to load the music files which you want to convert. If you are not sure whether the files you load are right or not, you can click the "triangle" button on the right of the interface to preview it.


how to use DRM conveter

Step 2: output setting

Select the .mp3 as the output format from the "Audio files to" drop down list. If you modify output parameters, click "Settings" button. The "Browse" button is for you to choose the convenient place to save the music files. By the way, if you are satisfied with the default configuration, just do nothing about this button.


Step 3: start to remove the DRM from the Nokia music

Press the "Start" button on the lower right corner of the software interface to begin the DRM conversion, this process may take you a period of time.

Tips: select the "Shutdown pc when finished" option. So you can leave your computer do something else.



After this process is completed, you can locate the converted files through the "Find target" button quickly.