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How to remove DRM from protected iPlayer MP4 videos

With the BBC iPlayer, you can catch up on the last 7 days of BBC TV & Radio, which will be convenient for you to review the TV programs you that have missed. However, the disadvantage of the BBC iPlayer is you can only keep the TV program for seven days, after the date, it will be disappeared. How can we keep all iPlayer contents forever? This article will show you to how to make this work.


Remove DRM from protected iPlayer MP4 videos

Before we start the step-by-step guide, we should figure out why you can only keep the BBC TV & Radio program for 7 days. That because the iPlayer contents are protected by the DRM (digital rights management). So, we just need to do is removing DRM from these mp4 videos. I recommend a iPlayer DRM removal software program that can get rid of DRM from iPlayer.


Here we begin the detailed steps:


DownloadDownload Aimersoft DRM Converter Here


how to use DRM conveter

Step 1: load the iPlayer files

Start the software and locate the BBC programs where you have downloaded on your computer, click the "Add" button to load the files. Or you can do so by dragging the files and drop it on the software.


Step 2: output configuration

Select the "Common video" option from the "Video files to" drop down list and choose the .mp4 or .wmv as the output format. Click the "Settings" button, you can adjust the output parameter. For example, you can select the suitable resolution from the "resolution" drop down list.

Tips: If you are converting audio files, you can choose the "Common audio" option from the "Audio files to" drop down list. And the other setting is the same as the video program. The "Browse" button is for you to choose a convenient folder to save the converted files.


Step 3: start to remove BBC iPlayer MP4 DRM protection

Click the "Start" button on the lower right corner of the main interface to begin the DRM conversion, this process may be will take you a short time. If you have no time for waiting this process, you can select the "shutdown pc when finished" option. It will turn off your computer automatically once the conversion is finished.

Tips:you can click the "Find target" button to locate the converted files quickly.

Now we have remove BBC iPlayer DRM protection, it means you can keep the BBC programs on your computer forever. Enjoy!